A novice poker player turns one Penny into £135,000

June 10th, 2016 by Fire Casinos

A novice poker player turns one Penny into £135,000

Andy Jankowski, 44, a former IT worker who quit his job one month ago has managed to turn 1 Penny into £135,000 when he entered an online poker tournament and beat 886 other players to win a seat at the World Poker Tour which is scheduled to he held at Lenton’s Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham during the month of October 2016. A total novice, Jankowski beat 100s of competitors, including some professional poker players thanks to a combination of skill, luck and trying to be as unpredictable as possible.

“It’s massive for the club that one of our home-grown players has won such a major tournament. It just goes to show that anyone can win if they give it a good go. There’s no bigger accolade for the game.” said David Allsop, who is Dusk Till Dawn’s poker league and academy manager

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