South Beach Bingo Review

October 2nd, 2015 by firecasinos

South Beach Bingo Review

$35 Welcome Bonus

South Beach Bingo has a lobby with various game rooms that players can enter to find a game they want to participate in. Each game room has its own chat moderator that ensures the room runs smoothly and that players are enjoying each other’s company.

At any time players can log into the site and enter a Bingo game room. No matter what time of day or night it is at least one game room will always be open for players. For each game room the amount of the prize is listed as well as the amount of the jackpot, if there is one. The more the Bingo cards cost in a particular game room the higher the prize and jackpot are.

There are always featured games listed on the site, and these are the games that South Beach Bingo recommends at any given time. The featured games are often the hottest slot machines that players are flocking to the most.

So many players have joined this site that on most days there are over a thousand people logged in at once. This means players can always go up against others in an exciting game of Bingo. Players are never turned away from a Bingo room because no one is in there to play the game. Everyone who joins this site does so to access not only its’ fun and easy Bingo games but also video poker and slot machines. Keno is also offered for anyone who wants to play it. Other games offered to players include The Ol’ West, Jungle Safari, Hole-In-One and many others.

Players can always keep track of what is going on with the site by subscribing to its newsletter. The newsletter is emailed to each subscriber and gives them information on upcoming promotions, new games and much more. Since South Beach Bingo is committed to avoiding spam, they only send their newsletter to players who request it, and they can cancel their subscription to the newsletter at any time.

It is always easy for players to have their questions answered by the customer service department. Each section of the department has its own email address that players can use to ask questions or voice concerns. These departments are accounting, security, marketing and management. The account and security departments also have phone numbers that players can use to contact them. The phone lines are opened at all times and a customer service representative will answer each call.

With more than two million registered players, South Beach Bingo is the trusted site for the best online Bingo and other gaming anywhere in the world. The site has so much to offer that players can’t resist coming back for more. As a result, South Beach Bingo has grown in popularity both for its games and its ability to bring players together from all over the world to share in a common interest. It will likely continue to provide players with entertainment for years to come.

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