Vic’s Bingo Review

October 2nd, 2015 by firecasinos

Vic’s Bingo Review

$50 Welcome Bonus

Vic’s Bingo is a colorful site that is easy on the eyes and makes it enjoyable to play this classic game for hours at a time. There is a Bingo game for everyone on this site. In some game rooms a Bingo card can be purchased for as little as a nickel. Though it is not designed for high rollers, Vic’s Bingo gives casual players more opportunities to participate in their favorite game.

Female players often love the Bingo game room dedicated to Desperate Housewives. Bingo cards in this room cost 20¢. Other game rooms charge similar prices for Bingo cards. As soon as players sign up for an account they start out with $25 already in the account, provided by Vic’s Bingo to help them get started. Players can make a deposit of at least $7 to add to what Vic’s Bingo gave them. They can then play not only any of the Bingo games offered, but also games such as video poker and slots.

There are many themed slot machines offered at Vic’s Bingo. Some of those themes are graveyards, carnivals, witches and Egypt. When players click on a game’s title they get to see screenshots as well as any reviews their fellow players have written about that particular game. There is also an official explanation of each game, giving details about what it involves and the story it follows.

The site recommends other games for a player to try based on the ones they already have tried. It is never hard for players to find at least one game that they will love.

Tournaments are often run at Vic Bingo, and not just for Bingo games. They are also offered for slots, video poker and pull tab games. Winners screen names are listed on Vic Bingo’s website according to which type of game they won money at. Those who win a single game are listed as well as those who won money on the progressive games. Winners are also listed according to the month, week or day when they won. Any player that wins in one of the site’s special promotions is also listed.

There are many testimonials on the site from those who currently play there. Each testimonial speaks about how much fun players have at Vic’s Bingo and how their holiday giveaways and jackpot games are fun.

Many players choose to become affiliates of Vic’s Bingo. When a player becomes an affiliate they are given a banner to put on their own website or blog. When their site/blog visitors click on it, it will take them to Vic’s Bingo to sign up for an account. Players who join the affiliate program have access to features that other players don’t have access to. This includes Bingo jackpots awarded every hour and more complicated Bingo patterns that make the games more exciting.

While there are many online Bingo sites, Vic’s Bingo has one of the most loyal followings due to its commitment to satisfying players.

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